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Monday, July 19, 2010

To Do

Once upon a time we had a white board, but along our many moves it went missing and I was going to buy a new on when I got the idea to make my own it is so much prettier then the white boards you can buy...I am not all neat and organized like all of you out there in blogland.. I am constantly trying to remember what it was i needed to buy.. Etc.. this helps a little...lol

I picked up a picture frame and went to work with all the paper and supplies I had here... I am sure this is not a new idea to all of you but I thought it was kind of fun...

It took me a little adjusting to get things where I wanted them but after i did it was all done I just put the frame back together and write on the glass with a dry erase marker
Also I bought a frame that was kind of thick so i have a place to sit the marker BUT most come with a magnet on them so you could adhere one to the frame and store the marker that way.....

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